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    If you think that your candidates are the only ones who need to be prepared for an interview, think again. Coming armed to the interview with the right questions can ensure that you end up with the right new hire.

    Here are 10 questions to ask your potentials to make sure you are getting the most from each interview and weeding out the worst from the best.

    1. What professional achievement are you most proud of? – This question gives you an idea of what your potential employee considers important and will give you an idea of his or her strengths in the workplace.
    2. What’s an example of a challenge you have overcome professionally? – This is a great question to ask to not only make your interviewee sweat a little, but to also get a good idea of how he or she handles themselves in the workplace.
    3. What is one thing that makes you the most qualified for this position? – This is a great question to ask to ensure that the person you are interviewing understands what the position requires as well as that he or she has what you are looking for.
    4. Do you work better independently or as a team? – This is always a good question to ask to make sure that your potential employee can work in the environment your business offers.
    5. What are your hobbies? Connecting with your candidate on a personal level is just as important as connecting on a professional level. Even if you ask this question in passing, it’s great to show interest in a potential employee’s life as a whole, not just what they will be doing from 9 to 5.
    6. What’s the one thing you look forward to most about this position? – Questions like this help to gauge the level of enthusiasm potential employees have for a position. Skills can be taught, but enthusiasm to learn and work hard can’t.
    7. What would you consider your weakness in your professional life? – While this question tends to make candidates a little uncomfortable, it’s a great way to ensure a potential employee has the skills you need as well as an understanding of his or her own skillset.
    8. What would you consider your greatest strength? – Similar to the last question, this question gives you the chance to learn about the core strengths a potential employee has and to make sure they align with what you are looking for.
    9. Why are you leaving your current position? – This question allows you to understand a person’s employment background as well as identify any red flags.
    10. What’s the first thing you would begin working on if hired for this position? – This question is ideal for ensuring a potential employee has a complete understanding of the position as well as a grasp on the priorities of the position.

    While interviewees certainly have much more preparing to do on their end, it’s important to come to the table armed with questions that will truly help you get an understanding of what a potential employee has to offer. These questions will allow you to really hone in on what’s important when it comes finding the ideal candidate for the position you are filling.