ERI is dedicated to delivering professional recruiting solutions with an emphasis on detail and integrity.

Our aim is to consistently exceed client expectations while recognizing our responsibility to assist candidates with individual career goals and objectives.

There are numerous reasons why using an Executive Recruiter is advantageous.

Following are some of the most important ones:
  • Provide you with quality candidates recruited through extensive networking
  • Evaluate your job description
  • Recruit potential candidates
  • Screen candidates according to your job requirements
  • Weed out non-qualified candidates
  • Generate interest in your opportunity
  • Present qualified candidates for your consideration
  • Arrange interview(s)
  • Prep candidate(s) for interview(s)
  • Follow-up with candidate/hiring authority after each interview
  • Work with you in putting together an acceptable offer
  • Present offer to the successful candidate
  • Provide assistance in negotiating an acceptance
  • Guide candidate through resignation and potential counter-offer stages

Fee Structure

Retained: Our top priority. This plan is for an urgent situation, or for a sensitive case in which confidentiality is paramount. We serve as your company's directed recruiting resource. You pay us a deposit to initiate the search and the remainder when the candidate begins employment.

Contingency: We refer candidates who most closely match a client or potential client company's requirements. If you enter into an employer/employee relationship you then owe a fee.

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